Three Valencia County Commissioners voted to pass the NROZ ordinance in July, ignoring overwhelming public opposition and expert testimony about the dangers of this ordinance.

Now our county is at risk of being fracked and drilled for oil & gas — especially areas in the southeast county.

Oil & Gas operations — Drilling and Fracking — bring very real risks to all of us:

πŸ›‘ Earthquakes damaging our homes
πŸ›‘ Toxic chemicals contaminating the drinking water aquifer
πŸ›‘ Toxic gasses contaminating the air we breathe
πŸ›‘ Health problems:
Asthma, Premature births, Childhood leukemia and other cancers
πŸ›‘ Explosions & Fires
πŸ›‘ Increased Crime … Traffic … Noise
πŸ›‘ Disrupted Ranching & Farming Operations

FRACKING could be coming to your area!

Do you want drilling rigs in your neighborhood?

What can you do?

When anyone applies for an NROZ (overlay zone) permit, a two-week notice will be published about the Planning & Zoning hearing. After the P&Z hearing, the applicant will go to a County Commission hearing. The P&Z and County Commission hearings happen before permits for the overlay zone can be granted.

  • Be ready to show up at those hearings and make your voice heard!
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  • Spread the word to your family, friends, and neighbors.
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An “overlay zone” in the county is what allows an oil & gas operation to be set up — for drilling and fracking to begin anywhere in that zone (even if the area is residential or agricultural). The overlay zone goes on top of the existing zone, like a blanket.

VWW is watching this “NROZ permit” situation diligently. We will do our best to keep the community updated and informed about what’s happening.

Our water for our people — for all who call Valencia County home,
and all who rely on the Albuquerque Basin aquifer for their drinking water.






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